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Alaina Lockhart

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Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation funding for projects to conserve wild Atlantic salmon stocks

Alaina Lockhart, Member of Parliament for Fundy Royal, announced today funding for two community volunteer organizations in Fundy Royal through the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation (ASCF).

Left to right: Ben Whalen (KWRC), Lee Robinson (HRAA), MP Alaina Lockhart, Stephen Chase (ASCF)

The Hammond River Angling Association will receive $7000 for the Hammond River Smolt Assessment 2017 project. Since 2013, sea-bound populations of juvenile Atlantic salmon have been monitored in the Hammond River. The objectives of this project are to gain a reliable and comparable dataset of the number of smolt in the watershed each year, to detail the timing of their migration to sea, to provide estimates of survival between juvenile life stages in the watershed and to conduct educational outreach to foster the conservation of salmon in youth.

The Kennebecasis Watershed Restoration Committee will receive $15000 for the first phase of the two year Closing Data and Restoration Gaps in the Kennebecasis project. Bioengineering approaches will be used to stabilize an eroding site and improve fish passage through the reach.  Further the KWRC is working with the Department of Transportation to remove fish passage barriers at 4 sites.  Lastly the KWRC will visit some electrofishing sites to assess Atlantic salmon numbers by attaining parr and smolt presence.  This will close an existing data gap and allow for the recommendation of management approaches for Atlantic salmon moving forward.

The ASCF was established in 2007 through a one-time grant of $30 million from the Government of Canada and aligns with the Federal Government’s goal to maintain and restore healthy and diverse salmon populations and their habitats for the benefit and enjoyment of all Canadians. The foundation has contributed $135,500 in funding to organizations in Fundy Royal since 2008.

“Wild Atlantic salmon are an integral part of the environment in our communities. I applaud the work that the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation, the Hammond River Angling Association, and the Kennebecasis Watershed Restoration Committee are doing for the conservation of this important species.”Alaina LockhartMember of Parliament for Fundy Royal

“The ASCF is pleased to provide funding support to community groups like the KWRC and HRAA improve river conservation. We know that every dollar is helping improve the environmental health of these rivers.”Stephen ChaseExecutive Director, Atlantic Salmon Conservation

“Funding from ASCF has helped to support the HRAA with important conservation and Atlantic Salmon monitoring projects for many years. In 2017, support from ASCF made it possible for the HRAA to install and monitor a smolt wheel, to gain a better understanding of the Hammond River Atlantic Salmon population. ASCF funding was also used to improve our "Fish Friends" program with field trips to the HRAA for participating classes. Elementary school students came to the HRAA and released salmon fry, while learning about food webs and why a healthy river is essential to the survival of salmon and other aquatic species. The HRAA would like to thank the ASCF for its ongoing support!”Lee RobinsonExecutive Director, Hammond River Angling Association

“The Kennebecasis Watershed Restoration Committee relies on strong partnerships, like that which we have with ASCF, in order to continue to restore and monitor the health of our watershed. Contributions from organizations like ASCF and others allow us to provide summer employment to students, contract equipment operators, and purchase materials and needed equipment to complete jobs like our Ward’s Creek Riparian Enhancement Project.”Ben WhalenProject Manager, Kennebecasis Watershed Restoration Committee

Quick Facts

  • The ASCF is an independent, federally incorporated, non-profit organization, which was established in 2007 through a one-time grant of $30 million from the Government of Canada
  • Since 2007, the ASCF has provided nearly $6 million in funding for over 400 projects in Atlantic Canada and Quebec
  • More information about the ASCF can be found on their website

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