Alaina Lockhart

Your member of parliament for

Fundy Royal

Alaina Lockhart

Your member of parliament for

Fundy Royal


Fundy Royal Community Leader Awards


2017 marks Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation – a milestone that Canadians will celebrate from coast-to-coast-to coast throughout the year. Canada 150 will support the renewal of community infrastructure as well as a broad range of events and activities that will highlight four pillars of the Canadian identity:

  1. Diversity and Inclusion
  2. Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples
  3. Youth Engagement and Leadership
  4. Environmental Stewardship

In recognition of the role that all Canadians play in our national identity Alaina Lockhart , Member of Parliament for Fundy Royal, will be awarding twenty (20) limited edition Sesquicentennial Pins to recognize constituents who have exemplified the Canadian identity, demonstrated exceptional leadership, and made significant contributions to one or more of the four pillars.

These limited edition pins celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation and are intended as a token of the Federal Government’s appreciation for leadership in the four pillars of the Canadian identity.

A selection committee consisting of leading members of Fundy Royal communities will review the nominations and recommend candidates for the Community Leader Awards.

These pins incorporate the original copper which covered the roofs of Canada’s parliament buildings from 1918 to 1996.  They were made with the participation of the Ottawa-Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities..

Nomination Process

The nomination period has been extended to September 30, 2017. All are invited to nominate an individual who would be an ideal candidate for this special recognition.  Selection will be based on demonstrated leadership in one of the four pillars of the Canada 150 celebration.

Nominators are asked to describe key qualities, traits or characteristics, and accomplishments of the nominee as well as how they have demonstrated excellence in one of the four pillars.

The following criteria will apply to all applications:

Submit a Nomination

Paper nomination forms can be obtained at the Hampton Constituency Office.

Pillar examples

The following list is designed to illustrate examples of nominee contributions.

Diversity and Inclusion

Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples

Youth Engagement and Leadership

Environmental Stewardship